PRoviding financial certainty with advances on Tax Credits


We launched the business in January 2018 having noticed that companies doing R&D, film production and video game development had two key frustrations: (i) the lumpy nature of R&D tax credits, and (ii) the fact that there is often uncertainty around the timings of HMRC’s 28 day expected payment schedule.

Our clients tend to be growing rapidly which means that the sooner they can put cash to work, the sooner they will reach their goals. We aim to facilitate this by unlocking companies’ tax credits up to 6 months before they expect to receive payment from HMRC.

This not only provides clients with the working capital that they need to continue growing, it can also help management and other shareholders to delay the next equity round and retain greater ownership of the company that they are building.


Our loans fall into four categories:

  1. R&D tax credit lending

  2. Film & TV tax credit lending

  3. Video game tax credit lending (“VGTR”)

  4. Venture debt