Our Mission

Finstock Capital is committed to working with current owners and management of businesses to help maximise their potential.

We focus on investments where we can provide value added capital via operational, financial and management guidance to companies seeking debt or equity for growth, restructuring or differentiation.  We invest alongside management teams and in companies with strong potential for growth in the long-term.



We believe that our ability to provide debt quickly differentiates us from other providers - we focusspecifically on short term financing requirements for innovative companies where a 'one size fits all' categorisation does not work. We will work with the company to find a solution such as:

  • R&D tax credit loans
  • Bridge financing
  • Mezzanine debt financing



Finstock Capital invests in small companies with an enterprise value of between £1m-10m in a range of industries. We specifically want to work with companies and management who share our ethos of long term patient growth.

We know from experience that the process of selling a company, either in part or in whole, is an emotional one, with many factors other than valuation determining who the right partner is for your business. We will work tirelessly with current owners and management to find the best solution for all stakeholders.

Depending on the type of the company, we will look to invest into the company through:

  • Financing management buyouts
  • Full equity ownership
  • Partnership with management with an advisory yet passive shareholding