Finstock provided Outright Games Ltd a bridging loan facility against our Video Games Tax Credit during the HMRC processing period . The process was straight forwards and the terms equally open and clearly explained. The documentation was some of the clearest and comprehensible I have seen in over thirty years and the finalisation of the facility was not time consuming. Oliver and Edo were responsible and business like throughout and we would certainly come back to Finstock should we need a similar facility in the future.
— Lis Robinson, CFO, Outright Games Limited

The Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) is an attractive incentive that allows video games companies to claim back 20% of their eligible expenditure. We provide loans against these future credits and work with Video Games Development Companies on their business plans and fundraising. Before you start production, you will require an interim BFI certificate which confirms that the game you are planning to make will be able to claim relief. You can then claim the money on an interim basis - not necessarily once you have finished or released your game.

We work with a range of accountants, lawyers and specialists so please contact us to understand the process in more detail.

HMRC has issued helpful guidance on VGTR, which is found here and the BFI’s website guidance notes on the Cultural Test are found here. To start your application, visit the BFI website.