At Finstock Capital we realise that funding a film or TV show to completion is no mean feat. For that reason we seek to help producers access their film and TV tax credits sooner than they would otherwise be able to if they had to wait for the final accounts and approval from HMRC. 

We find that, particularly for smaller budget films and television series (£1m-£5m), the banks are too slow and wary to be able to offer finance. Finstock has a more open-minded approach and takes each opportunity on its merits. As long as the film qualifies for tax relief, we can make a loan based on the qualifying production expenditure and the post production budget, working with one of our specialist accountancy practices.


From first introduction, we pride ourselves in our speed of response. So long as we can understand other funding sources, where the film spend will occur, and adherence to other legal requirements for a film tax credit, we are generally able to offer funds for draw down within a two week time frame.

This means that access to tax credits can be accelerated by up to 6 months, thereby freeing up working capital for completion of the project or taking on new projects. 

We have used Finstock Capital for loans against Film Tax Relief Credits twice, and have been continually impressed by their efficiency, professionalism and expedience in facilitating the loans. They have a very clear understanding of the tax relief claim procedure which made the process run very smoothly.
— Jon Grafton, Flyride Films Ltd